Planning review aims to cut red tape and time quickly

31 January 2024

It takes too long to make key planning decisions; the Government wants to squeeze out delays, hold everyone to account and speed up quality housing and infrastructure developments — with the help of, and for the benefit of, many businesses. Jon Herbert reports.

Cutting energy bills and carbon with active technology

30 January 2024

All businesses want to cut their premises’ energy bills and many want to reduce their carbon footprint. In this article, Paul Reeve demystifies six technologies that can help premises owners achieve the twin goals above, with headline comments about typical payback and other financial considerations, such as fiscal incentives including the Smart Export Guarantee, tax allowances and grants.

Learning to live with a brave new warmer world?

15 January 2024

As the clocks ticked into the new year, they ushered in subtle changes in our approach to global warming, a swing from pure prevention to a mix of learning to live with inevitable disruption, and a new generation of technology to cope with climate change, Jon Herbert reports.

Supporting employee mental health in January and year-round

11 January 2024

With the festive season a distant memory, and the dark and cold of January setting in, now is the perfect time to remind employees of the mental health support in the workplace. After all, research has shown that mental health illnesses cost the UK economy more than £118 billion a year.

New CLP Hazard Classes

5 January 2024

In this feature, Caroline Raine details the new hazard classes that have been introduced by the European Commission for inclusion into the Classification, Labelling and Packaging regulations.

Biomass: a growing route to net zero

22 December 2023

Recycling Christmas trees might be a good place to start, but the contribution biomass can make to help meet the UK’s net zero by 2050 greenhouse gas emission elimination promise is much larger, as the Biomass Strategy 2023 explains. Jon Herbert reports.

UK geospatial strategy: location, location, location

18 December 2023

Where am I? Where are you? And who and where will our users and customers be today, tomorrow and in five years’ time? “Location” is a rapidly growing technology sector with many commercial, environmental and potential levelling up answers.

UK REACH summary 2023

11 December 2023

In this feature, Caroline Raine gives an update on recent developments with regard to UK REACH.

Space: the final economic, environmental and sustainable frontier

20 November 2023

As the world struggles with increasingly intractable mega-problems, the UK’s space sector, in contrast, is emerging quickly as an optimistic and expanding employer, as well as a source of down-to-earth groundbreaking technical innovations and futuristic services, reports Jon Herbert.