Pre-pack losers

18 April 2012

Going concern is simply ignored when a company goes into a pre-pack administration, leaving creditors reeling, says Rob Mason

Community infrastructure levy and planning

17 April 2012

David Alexander examines the community infrastructure levy (CIL) system of planning charges to fund a wide range of essential or desirable infrastructure projects.

Stay ahead with end-to-end supply chain management

17 April 2012

2011 was a difficult year for supply chain professionals, not least due to natural disasters and the impact of floods, volcanic ash and a tsunami. At the same time, globalisation continued, with companies increasingly prioritising new markets and locations for procuring raw materials and setting up new factories and warehouses.

Managing your sustainable supply chain

17 April 2012

As sustainability and ethical procurement move from being buzzwords to standard expectations, SMEs may find the concept of managing corporate responsibility risks in their supply chains daunting. Soledad Milius suggests some practical starting points.

Commissioning support for clinical commissioning groups

16 April 2012

When Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS was published in 2010, it was envisaged that the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) would be lean organisations with the facility to carry out the commissioning functions individually or collectively, or buy in from other organisations. The types of function included under this umbrella are activities such as negotiating and monitoring contracts, procurement, information and data analysis, human resources and IT. This has been termed as “commissioning support” for CCGs. Thoreya Swage looks at it in detail.