GIS — are we nearly there?

28 February 2012

From the time the first pixellated maps crept out into the digital landscape, GIS (Geographic Information System) has quickly evolved to become an important set of tools in environmental study, planning and management. Today, GIS is a very different animal from its 1960s' ancestors. Graham Morgan looks at how it has developed.

Academy accounting

27 February 2012

The government is doubling the number of academy schools this year. Ian Selwood and David Robertson outline the requirements for accountants

Why did I fail Case Study?

27 February 2012

We asked Neil Russell for his views on the recent ACA Case Study exam and examiners’ report

What’s in the news? February 2012

24 February 2012

Money, money, money — the costs of childcare, free entitlement and why we can’t afford it, the debate rages on and hits the headlines on a daily basis. There are some lighter stories this time about babies who already know more about healthy eating than their parents, if left to their own devices, and dads encouraged to seek work in a nursery, following the new TV show. Susan Roddy has the details.

Changing academic status

24 February 2012

The conversion to academy status demands specific audit and accounting procedures. Is it worth getting involved? Sarah Perrin reports

A British education — a valuable export

24 February 2012

Graham Able, CEO of the Alpha Plus Group, examines the export value of British education and discusses the possible impact the proposed changes to non-EU student visas will have on the sector.

No place to hide

24 February 2012

Foreign financial institutions are in the firing line as US FATCA targets tax avoiders. Jim Muir considers compliance issues

Health claims

23 February 2012

Eric Davies reports on the implementation of the Claims Regulation.