Hot potato for coalition

23 April 2012

Did the chancellor score an own goal with proposals to charge VAT on hot pasties, asks John Messore

Re-use of waste electrical and electronic equipment

23 April 2012

Developed nations are awash with consumer products and the electrical and electronic waste pile keeps getting higher. One solution is to export some of this surplus to developing countries. But is it an entirely ethical practice? Jeff Cooper reports.

How to grow your business and stay green

23 April 2012

Can a company increase its profits, reduce waste, improve its compliance standards and meet the aspirations of its stakeholders, while enjoying financial benefits such as lower capital limitations and a lower cost of debt? The answer is “yes”. Verity Hambrook explains how.

Briefing Update

23 April 2012

Essential news and insight from the firms, business surveys and current trends

Preventing metal theft

23 April 2012

The price of metal has increased substantially over recent months, leading to an increase in the theft of everything from manhole covers to church candlesticks. Denise Moulton looks at what is being done to tackle this crime and how your business can avoid falling victim to it.

Planning using different tools

20 April 2012

In the article Creating a vision, by Liz Hodgman, three stages were explained, using three different activities, “think, feel, say and do”, “pinpointing” to establish the key aims and the “fan” to develop a long-term outline plan. In this article Liz looks at how this vision work now needs to be turned into a format that will enable the ideas to be implemented.