Sector report: Oil & Gas

30 April 2012

Super taxes on super profits in the oil and gas sector may boost Treasury coffers but only for so long, says Penny Sukhraj

Changing the FRC from within

27 April 2012

The overhaul of the FRC will create a new board set-up with a dual standard setting and conduct remit. Sarah Perrin ACA gauges reaction

Respectable tax planning?

27 April 2012

Under a GAAR, tax law can develop so that avoidance doesn’t have to be a dirty word, says Andrew Murray

What’s in the news? April 2012

27 April 2012

This month, Judith Allen reports on the issues in the news. The main story this month is the publication of the much-awaited new EYFS framework. There has been much said and much anticipated in the industry over this new framework. Only time and practice following implementation will show any true results.