The hidden productivity gap

22 January 2020

There are solutions to the problem of presenteeism, say Professor Dame Carol Black and Shaun Subel.

What should be in your first-aid kit?

22 January 2020

From papercuts or lacerations to falls or manual handling injuries, injuries can occur at any time whatever your work activities. As an employer, how do you determine what needs to be included in your first-aid kit? Chris Adams gives some guidance on assessing your needs for first aid in the workplace.

Prosecutions for safety breaches reach record low

22 January 2020

Prosecutions for health and safety breaches have reached a record low, HSE has revealed, prompting warnings that bosses are prepared to flout safety laws because they no longer fear the consequences.

Case report: Farmer fined for polluting SSSI

21 January 2020

In the week of the 28 October 2019, Northampton Magistrates’ Court fined farmer Mr Andrew Colinswood £1,600, £7,000 in costs and a £160 victim surcharge for polluting a stream in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

How to make compliance training more effective

21 January 2020

What can be done to make compliance training more enjoyable and effective? Here, Judith Christian-Carter, independent learning consultant, takes a look at the current state of compliance training and provides some suggestions for improving it.

Turn it down: the impact of a noisy office

20 January 2020

Is noise causing problems in the workspace you manage? Laura King looks at how unwanted noise might be affecting worker wellbeing and offers some low-cost solutions.

Partnership working to support children with additional needs

17 January 2020

There are many different reasons why children may need additional support which involves working with professionals outside of your childcare facility. This is known as partnership working, where professionals support children, and their families, together in a holistic way. It often involves sharing information, discussion and a commitment to working as a team around the child says Rebecca Fisk.

Road Derogations

17 January 2020

Road Derogations made available by the DfT for those transporting dangerous goods in the UK are discussed by Caroline Raine focusing on 2, 4, 11, 12, 13 and 15.