Down on the farm

18 September 2019

Belinda Liversedge looks at the steps farmers can take to prevent children and young people being killed or injured in incidents with farm vehicles.

The jury is out

18 September 2019

Health and safety fines increased five-fold on average in the year following the introduction of the new sentencing guidelines for judges and magistrates, says Neal Stone.

Supporting employees with drug or substance abuse

18 September 2019

The risks posed by employee substance abuse can be significant in businesses, potentially placing both the workforce and customers in danger. It is therefore crucial that employers are prepared to identify and fully respond to the issue of workplace drug use or addiction.

How blended learning is being used worldwide

18 September 2019

It is one thing to include blended learning in an organisation’s L&D strategy, but quite another thing to implement it as part of workplace learning. Knowing what other organisations are doing as far as implementing blended learning is concerned, is extremely useful in this regard. Here, Judith Christian-Carter shares some findings from a piece of recent research which looked at how blended learning is being used across the world.

Biophilia — adding quality of life to your work experience

17 September 2019

In today’s world, “greening” your business usually means focusing on things like recycling, resource efficiency and energy saving. But what about the really green stuff — nature itself. John Barwise explores the options and the benefits of letting a bit of biophilia into your workspace.