How the Fuller review tackles the “access” issue in primary care

12 August 2022

In her recent report, Next Steps for Integrating Primary Care, Dr Claire Fuller looked at whether faster same-day access to urgent care for people with one-off problems could free up capacity for others with long-term conditions and those who need more personalised continuity of care. In this feature article, Christine Grey explores the report’s findings and its recommendations for tackling “inadequate access” in primary care.

Influences within early years: Freidrich Froebel

11 August 2022

Froebel is one of the greatest and most positive influences on the education and care of young children and their families today. Practitioners may be unaware of the number of influences we see from Froebel’s principles that are now embedded as good practice in the early years. Rachel Dearnley, early years consultant and trainer, highlights the reasons behind why we do what we do to achieve the best for our children.

VAT, duties and exports to Europe

11 August 2022

Since Brexit, moving goods in and out of the UK has changed, particularly in reference to the European Union (EU). There are also new rules concerning movements of goods to Northern Ireland even though it is still part of the UK.

Energy costs — how to deal with the relentless rise in prices

11 August 2022

Businesses are struggling to deal with substantial increases in the cost of electricity and gas. In this article, John Barwise provides some useful low-cost options for improving business energy efficiency, reducing cost and minimising carbon emissions.

General Safety Regulation 2

10 August 2022

While the second EU General Safety Regulation (GSR2) came into effect on 6 July 2022 and mandated that several advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) be fitted to new types of vehicles, there are some common misconceptions about what is involved. In this article we consider the General Safety Regulations and, in particular, two driver assistance systems that are frequently misunderstood.

Examining the law on strikes

10 August 2022

Employees organising together and disrupting their employer’s business has a long history in the UK, and this is not the first time our streets have seen picket lines and placards. However, summer 2022 seems to have brought with it a large amount of discontent.

Could unretirement be the solution to the skills shortage?

10 August 2022

When people are your biggest asset as a business, making sure they have the right skills is a top priority. Employers have two options to fulfil this need: grow their own, developing existing employees, or hiring in talented people who have what you need now. Option one is a slow burner, and as far as option two goes, UK employers are currently seeing a “recruitment crisis” with a lack of available quality candidates. So, what can employers do?