The soft machine

21 May 2019

We must take a people-centred approach for health and safety at work to make a real impact, says Nigel Heaton.

10 tips for preventing food poisoning in care settings

21 May 2019

Food poisoning is a commonly used term to describe illness caused by consuming food infected with bacteria, viruses or parasites such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. Illnesses caused by food poisoning are usually short lived but can make people very sick indeed. Fit and healthy adults usually recover quickly. However, for vulnerable people, including those who are elderly or who have certain health conditions, food poisoning can be serious. Martin Hodgson suggests 10 food safety tips that can be used in both residential adult social care and in home care settings.

Ask the expert: manual handling

21 May 2019

Advice on the reducing the risks from manual handling, provided by the British Safety Council’s Information Service.

Empathetic leadership

21 May 2019

Cases of work-related stress and mental health should be reportable under the RIDDOR Regulations to help drive employer action on worker wellbeing, argues David Parr.

Firm fined £900k for wall death

21 May 2019

A builder has been fined after a man suffered fatal head injuries when a wall collapsed at a construction site in Lyme Regis.

Get a grip

21 May 2019

Employers need to provide workers with effective hand protection solutions when doing manual handling, says Gregory Tessier.

The MOT for the forklift truck

21 May 2019

Geoff Martin explains the requirement to undertake a Thorough Examination of a fork-lift truck to help ensure its safe use.

Standing all day at work?

20 May 2019

We’ve all heard phrases such as “sitting is the new smoking” but working in a standing position is also associated with serious ill health effects. Vicky Powell asks occupational health experts, including the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), how employers should be managing the health risks associated with prolonged standing at work to protect worker health.