Dumper truck safety guidance published

17 July 2019

A guidance booklet on the safe use of dumpers in the construction industry has been published by the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group.

The independent review of gross negligence manslaughter

16 July 2019

Last month saw the publication of the Independent review of gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide commissioned in January 2018 by the General Medical Council (GMC). Martin Hodgson investigates.

Business travel — an overlooked factor in work-related stress

16 July 2019

Few would dispute the business, career and personal opportunities associated with travelling internationally for work purposes, but psychologists warn that business travel is all too often an overlooked risk factor in work-related stress. Vicky Powell looks at some of the simple strategies managers can use to protect employees’ mental health and wellbeing from the negative effects of international business travel.

Off-rolling in schools

15 July 2019

New research was published recently on the practice of so called “off-rolling” in schools prepared by YouGov on behalf of Ofsted and was followed by an official online Ofsted blog seeking to explain the approach taken by inspectors in an effort to crack down on the practice. Martin Hodgson explains what off-rolling is, how common it is and what Ofsted are doing to stop it.