The use of mobile learning in L&D

21 March 2019

The latest research points to a future where mobile learning is key. With nearly 47% of organisations worldwide using mobile learning, due to its ability to improve knowledge retention and increase employee engagement, it has now reached a point where it’s no longer regarded as a nice-to-have but, instead, a must have. Here, Judith Christian-Carter looks at the ways in which mobile learning is currently being used in learning and development (L&D) and some aspects to consider.

Financing your business

21 March 2019

John Davison looks at what the self-employed and small businesses need to finance, run, expand or start their business.

Country Profile — South Africa

21 March 2019

After riding a wave of optimism in the 1990s, South Africa is facing a string of very real challenges in 2019. Nonetheless, the country remains key to the long-term success and development of the rest of the continent. Martin Clark reports.

Proposed changes to inspections

20 March 2019

On 16 January, Ofsted published a range of documents on the proposed changes to school inspections, including the official consultation. Tony Powell, consultant educationist, explains the main points for consideration here.

Should employers offer domestic violence leave?

20 March 2019

A number of UK organisations have announced their intention to introduce domestic violence leave, or “‘safe” leave, for those in their workforce who are subjected to abuse in their personal lives. While not strictly a workplace matter, employers are increasingly recognising that suffering trauma outside of the office can have a real, and often significant, impact on their employee’s professional lives.

ISO 45001 Toolkit

20 March 2019

This toolkit provides guidance for implementing the requirements of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. It explains the main clauses of the Standard and provides links to key information and templates on the Croner-i website.

Recasting waste as a resource — what it means for businesses

19 March 2019

The Government is proposing a radical overhaul of waste management in England, which will extend producer responsibilities, improve recycling collections and introduce a new tax on plastic packaging. In this article, John Barwise explains how the changes are likely to impact businesses.