Top HR queries from April

20 May 2019

A summary of the top five issues that customers have been calling the Business Support helpline about in April 2019.

Country Profile — Armenia

16 May 2019

Armenia, a small Christian country in the mountainous Caucasus region, is transitioning to a more open political system, which bodes well for trade, investment and the economy. Martin Clark reports.

Customs reliefs

16 May 2019

John Davison give advice relevant for all businesses that import or export, including those that currently only ship goods to and from the EU.

Roundtable takes fresh look at workplace wellbeing

14 May 2019

“Workplace wellbeing is a boardroom issue,” said MP and mental health campaigner, Norman Lamb. So it was great that eminent speakers came to the British Safety Council’s own Hammersmith boardroom to debate the issue on 20 March 2019.

Climate crisis — can science-based targets help?

14 May 2019

Science told us about global warming and gave us irrefutable evidence that humans are the dominant cause of climate change. But can science deliver target-based solutions? In the wake of unprecedented global action on climate change, John Barwise assesses what science-based targets can do to help businesses avert a global crisis and looks at three specific case studies.