Feature Articles

Stay safe on site with dust extraction

22 January 2019

Daryl Townsend provides advice on preventing exposure to construction dust.

Testing for alcohol and beyond

22 January 2019

Suzannah Robin says testing for alcohol is essential for good health and safety.

Connected, controlled, customised: the future of mobility

22 January 2019

The Future of Mobility is one of the four interlinked Grand Challenges established in the Government’s Industrial Strategy. Caroline Hand investigates.

Points win prizes: can gamification change behaviour?

22 January 2019

Laura King looks at how gamification can encourage employees to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours.

Fire evacuation from office buildings

22 January 2019

Alan Field examines the importance of reviewing the technical aspects of fire evacuation strategies in office buildings. All aspects of life safety fire risk assessments should always be considered in terms of how operational routines may aid or compromise the assumptions made within those assessments.

15.4 million days lost to work-related stress in 2017/18, reports HSE

22 January 2019

Work-related stress and anxiety is now the leading cause of ill health and sickness absence in Britain, HSE statistics have revealed.

Courts signal “end to stratospheric fines for big firms”, lawyers are told

22 January 2019

Multibillion organisations which may have been bracing themselves for fines in excess of £10m following the stricter sentencing guidelines can breathe somewhat a sigh of relief – reports have come in that courts are meting out very low level fines for big name brands.

Design can save lives

22 January 2019

The British Safety Council has revealed the winners of its multimedia poster competition, “Images of wellbeing”, which showcases images of wellbeing at work and in an educational environment.

Sound reason

22 January 2019

Mark Glover reports on a recent ruling that could require employers in the entertainment industry to do more to protect musicians from the risk of hearing damage.

New Year, new business: green resolutions to adopt in 2019

21 January 2019

As more and more organisations look for ways to improve their environmental credentials, Will Richardson suggests some simple steps which can make a big difference.