Guide comparing bus and truck electric fleet vehicles

12 May 2022

A report designed to provide fleet operators with easy-to-digest technical information on zero emissions vehicles available in the bus, truck and van markets is now available.

Produced by Zemo Partnership member EVenergi, it provides information on the vehicles available in each of the markets covered, when new vehicles are coming to market as well as advice on how they can be expected to perform.

The report is available — here (after entering some company details) and provides technical specification tables for vehicles available in each of the markets covered, designed to support fleets making their first moves into electrifying their vehicles.

“We are in a climate crisis globally and many bus, truck and van fleet owners are committed to decarbonising their fleets,” EVenergi said. “Their fleets often have the heaviest duties and are some of the highest emitters of CO2 and NOx on the road.”

The company points out that the market of available zero emission buses, trucks and vans is rapidly expanding and billions of dollars are being invested globally to solve the remaining technical limitations and costs associated with zero emissions options.

The UK Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van Report will be published quarterly to help operators stay abreast of market developments.