Local appeal process for heavy vehicle MOT results

14 March 2022

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has introduced a local appeals process for lorry, trailer and bus/coach annual test (MOT) results, whereby vehicle operators will now be able to ask DVSA to review test results without making a statutory appeal.

With the intention to offer a quick review of any annual test decision, DVSA explains that, if the person presenting the vehicle for annual test is not able to discuss or resolve issues at the time of the test, then a local appeal can be made.

To register a local appeal, the operator can email technicalofficers@dvsa.gov.uk or ring the DVSA Customer Service Centre (0300 123 9000, option 1).

If using the email option, the information required is:

  • the vehicle registration/trailer ID and VIN number

  • the date and time of test

  • the ATF name

  • the address and phone number of the presenter/operator

  • details of the disagreement and the customer name and address.

The DVSA will respond to any request within two days of receipt and will arrange a reinspection if one is needed. Additionally, only failure items will be checked, not the whole vehicle or trailer.

It also aims to complete the local appeal within five days and to produce a report indicating whether the original decision stands or a new decision has been made.

Making a local appeal will not affect any subsequent statutory appeal which can still be made, using the form available – here.