Transitioning to zero emission buses with ZEBRA

23 November 2021

As part of the decarbonising transport plan, the UK Government has committed to reducing the transport sector’s contribution to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, including supporting the green bus revolution.

The UK’s biggest public procurement organisation, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), is working with the Department for Transport (DfT) to support the delivery of its Zero Emission Buses Regional Areas (ZEBRA) scheme, providing funding to local authorities and transport bodies to kick-start their zero emission bus transition.

“We can provide a full end-to-end solution,” the CCS said, “encompassing fleet, financing arrangements, charging infrastructure and energy supply to deliver a quicker and easier route to market. Our dedicated team is waiting to work with you to find the best solution for your needs and drive the change towards achieving carbon net zero.”

An interactive guide, Transitioning to Zero Emission Buses, is available but details are required to gain access.

The UK market for zero emissions buses is developing quickly, with several new suppliers entering the market or expanding their capabilities to encompass the new technologies.

The changing supplier base will be supported through future CCS agreements which aim to ensure purchasers are confident any suppliers have been appropriately evaluated on their compliance and capability to deliver and that the agreements provide competitive pricing.

“There are options to purchase new EV or hydrogen buses outright,” CCS explained, “or you can explore the options of converting some of your existing fleet to become EV capable – extending the lifespan of your existing assets.”