More details of Building Safety Bill released

15 October 2021

The Building Safety Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 5 July 2021 and is currently making its way through the adoption process.

The Government has said that its aim is to lay out a clear pathway on how residential buildings should be constructed,  maintained and made safe. It also sets out the framework to improve compliance, with tougher penalties for those who break the rules, and mandates developers to belong to a New Homes Ombudsman scheme.

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) has now published a series of draft regulations which provide more detail of how it expects the secondary legislation to look once the Bill is adopted, with particular reference to delegated powers.

Regulations under the proposed Building Safety Act

The DLUHC has published the following drafts:

  • The Higher-Risk Buildings (Descriptions and Supplementary Provisions) Regulations [2021]

  • The Building (Appointment of Persons, Industry Competence and Dutyholders) (England) Regulations [2021]

  • The Architects (Fees for Services) Regulations [2022]

  • The Building (Restricted Activities and Functions) (England) Regulations [2022]

  • The Building Safety (Fees) Regulations [2022]

  • The Construction Products Regulations [2022]

  • The Building (Higher-Risk Buildings) (England) Regulations [2022]

  • The Higher-Risk Buildings (Prescribed Principles for Management of Building Safety Risks) Regulations [2022].

These proposed texts can all be found at