Have your say — the end of non-zero emission HGVs

27 July 2021

The Department for Transport (DfT) has launched a consultation asking when it should aim to end the sale of new non-zero emission heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) within the UK.

The end of sale dates for new non-zero emission HGVs will be enforced through the green paper on a new road vehicle CO2 emissions regulatory framework for the United Kingdom, as advised — here.

The consultation is open for comments until 3 September 2021 and highlights that transport is the largest contributor to domestic UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, accounting for 27% of emissions in 2019. Within transport, HGVs are second only to cars and vans in terms of total GHG emissions.

The proposed phase-out dates for the sale of new, non-zero emission HGVs in this consultation reflect what is needed for the UK’s HGV fleet to deliver its contribution to the Government’s target of net zero by 2050.

The DfT is interested in receiving views on the following phase out dates for new non-zero emission HGVs:

  • 2035 (or earlier if a faster transition seems feasible) for vehicles weighing from 3.5 tonnes up to and including 26 tonnes; and

  • 2040 (or earlier if a faster transition seems feasible) for vehicles greater than 26 tonnes.

Also included in this consultation are questions on:

  • whether to extend these phase out dates to HGVs using low carbon fuels; and

  • whether the maximum permissible weights of zero emission or alternatively fuelled HGVs should increase to allow for their generally heavier powertrains.

If you want to have a say on the dates being proposed and the policy, then this is your opportunity.

Send your responses to: CO2RegulationGP@dft.gov.uk