Every UK job has the potential to be green

15 July 2021

According to a new independent, expert report, backed by the UK Government, every UK job has the potential to be green.

The report from the Green Jobs Taskforce, which includes 15 recommendations on how politicians, industry and the skills sector can best deliver the green jobs and skills of the future, has been welcomed by the Government.

UK Energy & Climate Change Minister, and co-chair of the Green Jobs Taskforce, Anne-Marie Trevelyan said: “As we lead the world in tackling climate change, we need to invest in the UK’s most important asset — its workforce — so that our people have the right skills to deliver a green industrial revolution and thrive in the jobs it will create”.

The recommendations put forward by the Green Jobs Taskforce are, she went on, a big step forward in delivering the skilled workers and green jobs essential for the UK’s transition to net zero.

Main points of the report

The report, available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/green-jobs-taskforce-report, calls for an holistic approach across the “lifecycle” of green jobs, focusing on action to:

  • unlock industry investment in good quality green jobs and skills

  • promote diversity within emerging low carbon sector and ensure pathways exist for people of all ages to go into green careers

  • ensure a just transition for workers in high carbon sectors.


Key recommendations in the report include:

  • publishing a detailed Net Zero Strategy and using policy to promote good green jobs, skills and competitive supply chains

  • establishing a UK-wide body with national representation to ensure momentum and coherence on workforce transition, including progress in delivery

  • industry, the education sector and the UK Government working together to ensure green careers advice and pathways into good green jobs

  • building on the UK government’s skills reforms to support people to work in the new green economy.