Most firms have no plans for vaccine certification

14 May 2021

Only 5% of firms have already implemented their own requirements for proof of vaccination according to a survey of more than 1000 UK businesses carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Firms with more than 50 staff were more likely than smaller firms to either have implemented or be considering introducing requirements for proof of vaccination, but 69% said that they still have no plans to do so.

Only 4% of smaller firms said they already required proof vaccination and 6% said they were likely to in future.

The vast majority of responding businesses have no plans in place to require evidence of vaccination from customers, suppliers or employees, the BCC confirmed.

It has therefore called on the Government to set out plans as soon as possible describing the operating conditions for businesses after the final phase of the roadmap, so that employers can plan effectively.

The survey of businesses across a variety of sectors and based in all parts of the UK also shows that social distancing and hand sanitising are the Covid-19 measures firms were most likely to expect to continue to have in place over the next 12 months.

Working practices seem set to continue to be disrupted, as 46% reported the expectation of continued changes to their workspace, such as screens or socially distanced desk arrangements, and 45% said that they intend to limit access to their offices/premises.

BCC Co-Executive Director, Hannah Essex, said: “This research shows that the Government must quickly clarify what measures will be required for businesses to maintain safety standards after we reach the final stage of the roadmap on 21 June. In particular, they must resolve the ongoing debate around the use of vaccine certification, providing clear and decisive guidance to business”.