CEN proposal — Determination of the content of elements and substances in waste

7 April 2021

The British Standards Institute is accepting comments on a new CEN (European Committee of Standardization) work item proposal relating to the characterisation of waste.

WI 444044 Characterisation of Waste: Determination of the Content of Elements and Substances in Waste can be applied to all waste samples with unknown or partially known composition. It specifies the minimum laboratory methods and performance requirements for analysis of laboratory samples of liquid and solid waste to determine the inorganic elements and organic substances content of waste up to a cumulative mass of at least 90 % or a close and highest possible mass.

In the case of information on the origin or on the composition of waste, given by the owner of waste, only part of this method can be applied (this method can be used to complete the knowledge on waste only).

The document is about the application of existing analytical methods and as such BSI are seeking contributions from those who have practical experience of waste characterisation.

The consultation is available at standardsdevelopment.bsigroup.com/projects/9021-05226#/section and closes 25 April 2021.