Guaranteed minimum funding levels for all schools

7 February 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has guaranteed that every secondary school will receive at least £5000 per pupil next year, and every primary school at least £3750 per pupil.

The details are contained in new legislation laid in Parliament on 30 January.

Local authorities will now be required by law to make sure every school receives the full amount of the minimum levels of funding pledged for each pupil, as set out by the Prime Minister. Funding per pupil for primary schools will rise to £4000 the following year.

Previously, local authorities were not required to allocate the money for schools in this way - with many schools across the country falling below the minimum levels of funding for each pupil.

Mr Johnson said: “We’re guaranteeing the minimum level of funding for every pupil in every school so that, with a top class education, our children can go on to become the world’s future innovators, trailblazers and pioneers. As we start a new chapter in our history, our younger generations will be front and centre of all that we do.”

The new Regulations will mean, he explained, that all local authorities will in future have to pass on the required levels of funding to every school in their area, which will help make sure that no school loses out simply because of their location or historic local rules.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson described the move as the biggest funding boost for schools in a decade, providing “cast-iron assurance they will receive the money they need to help every child, wherever they live, unlock all of the fantastic opportunities an excellent education provides”.

Last year, the Prime Minister announced that the budget for schools and high needs would be increased by 6% (£2.6 billion) in 2020-21, £4.8 billion in 2021-22 and £7.1 billion in 2022-23 respectively – plus an extra £1.5 billion per year to fund additional pensions costs for teachers.