Plan to deploy electric trucks across UK and Europe

25 November 2019

Electric commercial vehicle technology pioneer Tevva has launched a new initiative designed to enable logistics fleets to begin electrification of medium duty lorries as soon as Spring of 2020.

Announced at the recent Freight in the City expo at Alexandra Palace, the ELECTRIFY programme will let companies take the first step by deploying Tevva’s special package of EV technologies.

This includes bespoke battery packs and a management system with advanced cloud-based software that uses geofencing to autonomously control a range extender on medium-duty trucks.

The initiative is being taken forward by seven companies based between London and Oxford who, as early adopters, are committed to being part of the first ELECTRIFY cohort.

They will be taking delivery of a collective total of eight eTrucks with Tevva promising more availability for future cohorts in the near future.

David Thackray, Tevva Sales and Marketing Director, said: “When Tevva was founded in 2013, the question that businesses were asking was whether or not electric trucks could displace diesel in the commercial vehicle sector. The question today is ‘when’ they will displace diesel.”

Given that too many businesses in the UK and across Europe still have a relatively low level of awareness of the implications, he went on, the aim of the new initiative is to help drive confidence in EV technology.

This should help logistics firms as they look to lower total cost of fleet ownership, comply with current and future emissions regulations and address their carbon footprint and impact on air quality and climate change.

Over the next two years, the ELECTRIFY programme’s 50 vehicles will be deployed across over 200 fleets in at least five countries, amassing an estimated four million kilometres.

The Tevva initiative, Mr Thackray explained, offers participating companies a three or six month trial period, during which they can integrate a 12-tonne GVW electric truck incorporating all of Tevva’s core technologies into their regular fleet operations — “without compromise”.

Tevva will also provide customers with all necessary training for their technicians and drivers to ensure safety during the trial and optimise the benefits of the on-board technologies.

Companies are invited to email for more details.