No-deal Brexit — are you prepared?

9 August 2019

Responding to recent political developments, and statements by the new Prime Minister, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has warned logistics firms that they need to take the prospect of a No-deal Brexit seriously.

According to the FTA’s James Hookham, logistics businesses and international supply chain managers need to recognise the change of policy under Boris Johnson’s Government and to therefore accelerate their preparations for the possibility of the UK leaving the Union with no deal.

With Prime Minister Johnson having made clear his intention to leave the EU on 31 October, come what may, the FTA says operators in the sector should be taking steps to understand what they might need to do, how they should do it and who they need to deal with to keep their operations working.

The UK’s supply chains are highly interconnected and complex and need to be protected if Britain is to keep trading efficiently with its biggest export markets in Europe, Mr Hookham explained.

“We would still much rather the UK leaves the EU with an agreement that assures the continuity of frictionless trade”, he added, “but, if this is not possible, then we will need to be ready for the challenging and complicated task of navigating the requirements that will apply.”

Noting that, although there are still areas of uncertainty for those responsible for moving goods and services between the UK and Europe, most of the requirements for coping with a no deal scenario have now been published and are freely available.

The FTA itself has a section of its website dedicated to offering help with the issues involved, including the impact on drivers, vehicles and customs procedures. For details see

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