DIT offers tips on exporting after Brexit

9 August 2019

While it stresses that leaving the EU with a deal remains the UK Government’s top priority, the Department for International Trade (DIT) has issued a number of guides concerning exporting to various countries in the event that the UK leaves without a deal.

These explain what if any trade agreements are in place with the countries concerned, if there are mutual recognition agreements in place with regard to product testing, certification and inspection and what tariffs and quotas apply.


Available at www.great.gov.uk, this guide to trading with the 14th largest economy in the world highlights that UK and Australia share a common language and culture, as well as business and legal practices such as intellectual property protection and the rule of law.

Its 25 million people, including one million Britons, make it an ideal place to test and develop new products or services, DIT suggests.


The UK does not have a trade agreement with India and exports to this country on Most Favoured Nation (MFN) terms under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

The DIT guide to the world’s fifth largest economy can be found at www.great.gov.uk. It highlights that UK exports to India increased in value by nearly a fifth (19.3%) between 2017 and 2018, amounting to £8 billion in total.

DIT trade advisers in India have identified particular opportunities for UK businesses in a range of sectors including technology, fintech and automotive.


The UK has agreed arrangements with Norway to ensure trade continues with minimal disruption after the UK leaves the EU. The agreement can maintain the effects of the EU-Norway agreement even if the UK leaves the Union without a deal.

The latest DIT guide to the UK's 12th largest trading partner is available at www.great.gov.uk.

It points out that, according to a World Bank 2019 report, Norway is the seventh best country in the world for doing business. It is also one of the UK’s closest neighbours with a recognised demand for UK-manufactured products and services.