Commission publishes statement and position paper on emerging health and environmental issues

31 January 2019

The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) has published a statement and a position paper on emerging health and environmental issues.

The statement and position paper draw attention to the risks associated with chemicals in recycled materials, substance mobility and per- and polyfluorinated organic substances, among others.

Identifying emerging issues early on can raise awareness, allowing authorities to take appropriate and timely action to ensure public safety and environmental protection. However, because it concerns emerging issues, the available data needed to correctly identify these issues and their impact are likely to be very limited. It is therefore important that each identified issue is regularly reviewed.

Of the emerging issues identified, SCHEER rated the majority as “high” — requiring priority attention by the Commission.

The position paper on emerging issues describes the methodology how SCHEER draws the attention of the European Commission services to emerging issues in the non-food area. The list will be used by the Secretariat when discussing potential new mandates with relevant Commission services.