Central American Republic, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica.


Capital: Panama

Principal Ports

Balboa, Cristobal, Coco Solo


4.2 million

International Country Code



Spanish (official), English

Weights and Measures

Metric and US systems

Electricity Supply

110V, 60Hz (Panama City: 120V)

International Direct Dialling Code

00 507


5 hours behind GMT.

Public Holidays

DateHoliday NameObservance
01 Jan 2020New Year's Day
09 Jan 2020Martyrs' Day (Duelo Nacional)
24 Feb 2020Carnaval (Shrove Monday)Easter
25 Feb 2020Carnaval (Mardi Gras)Easter
26 Feb 2020Carnaval (Ash Wednesday)Easter
10 Apr 2020Good Friday (Duelo Nacional)Easter
01 May 2020Labor Day
15 Aug 2020Panama La Vieja Day
03 Nov 2020Independence Day (Separación de Panamá de Colombia)
04 Nov 2020Flag Day (Día de los Símbolos de la Nación)
05 Nov 2020Colon Day (Conmemoración Patriótica en la Ciudad de Colón)
10 Nov 2020Los Santos Uprising Day
28 Nov 2020Independence Day (Independencia de Panamá de España)
08 Dec 2020Mothers' Day
25 Dec 2020Christmas Day


Bills of Lading

Five (original and four copies). Blank “to order” shipments are allowed but name and address of party to be notified must be given.

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