A republic, on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, bounded on the north by Tibet and on the south and west by India.


Capital: Kathmandu


29.3 million

International Country Code



Nepali, Maithali, Bhojpuri (Hindi and English also understood)

Weights and Measures


Electricity Supply

230V, 50Hz

International Direct Dialling Code

00 977


5 hours ahead of GMT.

Public Holidays

DateHoliday NameObservance
15 Jan 2019Maghi Parba / Maghe SankrantiSolar
05 Feb 2019Sonam Lhosar (Tamang New Year)Lunisolar
04 Mar 2019Maaha ShivaratriHindu Lunar
07 Mar 2019Gyalpyo/Gyallo LosharHindu Lunar
08 Mar 2019Nari Dibas (International Women's Day)
20 Mar 2019Holi / Phagu Purnima / Basanta Utsav (55 Hilly Districts)Hindu Lunar
21 Mar 2019Holi / Phagu Purnima / Basanta Utsav (Terai and Inner Madhesh)Hindu Lunar
05 Apr 2019Ghodejatra (Kathmandu Valley)Hindu Lunar
14 Apr 2019Nepali New Year (Bisket Jatra)Solar
01 May 2019International Workers Day (Majdoor Divas)
18 May 2019Buddha Jayanti (Bhudda Day)Hindu Lunar
05 Jun 2019Ramjan Edul Fikra (End of Ramadan)Muslim (IndoPak)
12 Aug 2019Edul Aajaha / Bakar Eed (Feast of Sacrifice)Muslim (IndoPak)
16 Aug 2019Gai Jatra (Kathmandu Valley)Hindu Lunar
02 Sep 2019Hari Taika (Teej) (only for Female employees)Hindu Lunar
06 Sep 2019Gaura Parba (date to be confirmed)Hindu Lunar
08 Sep 2019Nijamati Sewa Divas (Civil Servants' Day)Solar
12 Sep 2019Indra Jatra (Kathmandu Valley)Hindu Lunar
19 Sep 2019Constitution Day (National Day)
22 Sep 2019Jitiya Parwa (only for Female employees following Jitiya Parwa)Hindu Lunar
05 Oct 2019Dashain Festival (Phulpati/Fulpaati)Hindu Lunar
06 Oct 2019Dashain Festival (Maha Astami)Hindu Lunar
07 Oct 2019Dashain Festival (Maha Nawami)Hindu Lunar
08 Oct 2019Dashain Festival (Vijaya Dashami)Hindu Lunar
09 Oct 2019Dashain Festival (Pampakusha Ekadashi)Hindu Lunar
27 Oct 2019Yam Panchak / Tihar Festival (Gai Tihar / Laxmi Pooja)Hindu Lunar
28 Oct 2019Yam Panchak / Tihar Festival (Goru Tihar / Gobardhan Pooja)Hindu Lunar
29 Oct 2019Yam Panchak / Tihar Festival (Bhai Tika)Hindu Lunar
02 Nov 2019Chhat ParwaHindu Lunar
10 Nov 2019Birth of MuhammadMuslim (IndoPak)
12 Nov 2019Guru Nanak Jayanti (only for Sikh employees)Hindu Lunar
12 Dec 2019Urdhyauli Parwa / Mangshir Dhanya PurnimaHindu Lunar
25 Dec 2019Christmas Day
26 Dec 2019Public Holiday (Solar Eclipse)2019 Only
30 Dec 2019Lhosar (Gurung/Tamu)


Bills of Lading

No special regulations. Bills of lading may be made out “to order”; show the name and address of party to be notified. Show gross weight of each piece or package in both imperial and metric systems.


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