Republic in the Far East, bordering the Korea Bay and the Sea of Japan, between China and South Korea.


Capital: Pyongyang

Principal Ports



25.63 million

International Country Code



Chosun Mal (Korean but with differences from the South)

Weights and Measures

Metric system

Electricity Supply

110/220V, 60Hz

International Direct Dialling Code

00 850


9 hours ahead of GMT.

Public Holidays

DateHoliday NameObservance
01 Jan 2019Solar New Year's Day
05 Feb 2019Seollal HolidayKorean Lunar
16 Feb 2019Day of the Shining Star (Kim Jong Il's Birthday)
19 Feb 2019Cheongwoldaeboreum (Korean Folk Festival)Korean Lunar
08 Mar 2019International Women's Day
05 Apr 2019Chungmyung DayKorean Solar
15 Apr 2019Kim Il Sung's Birthday Holiday
25 Apr 2019Korean People's Army Foundation Day
01 May 2019Labor Day
06 Jun 2019Korean Children's Union Foundation Day
27 Jul 2019Victory Day (1953)
15 Aug 2019Liberation Day (1945)
25 Aug 2019Day of Songun
09 Sep 2019National Day (1948)
13 Sep 2019Han'gawi HolidayKorean Lunar
10 Oct 2019KWP Foundation Day (1945)
16 Nov 2019Mothers' Day
27 Dec 2019Constitution Day


Bills of Lading

Bills of lading may be made out “to order” but must bear the name and address of the consignee. Packing list and a commercial invoice are also required.

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