Republic on the west coast of Africa bounded by Senegal, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Atlantic Ocean.


Capital: Conakry

Principal Ports

Boke, Conakry, Kamsar


12.7 million

International Country Code



French, as well as Fullah, Malinke and Soussou

Weights and Measures

Metric system

Electricity Supply

220V, 50Hz

International Direct Dialling Code

00 224



Public Holidays

DateHoliday NameObservance
01 Jan 2019New Year's Day
03 Apr 2019Second Republic Day
22 Apr 2019Easter MondayEaster
01 May 2019Labour Day
25 May 2019Africa Day (OAU Anniversary)
01 Jun 2019Lailatoul Qadr / Lailatoul GhadrMuslim
04 Jun 2019Korité (End of Ramadan)Muslim
11 Aug 2019Tabaski (Feast of Sacrifice)Muslim
15 Aug 2019Assumption Day
02 Oct 2019Independence Day
01 Nov 2019All Saints' Day
09 Nov 2019Maouloud (The Prophet's Birthday)Muslim
25 Dec 2019Christmas Day
01 Jan 2020New Year's Day
03 Apr 2020Second Republic Day
13 Apr 2020Easter MondayEaster
01 May 2020Labour Day
20 May 2020Lailatoul Qadr / Lailatoul GhadrMuslim
24 May 2020Korité (End of Ramadan)Muslim
25 May 2020Africa Day (OAU Anniversary)
31 Jul 2020Tabaski (Feast of Sacrifice)Muslim
15 Aug 2020Assumption Day
02 Oct 2020Independence Day
29 Oct 2020Maouloud (The Prophet's Birthday)Muslim
01 Nov 2020All Saints' Day
25 Dec 2020Christmas Day


Bills of Lading

No special regulations. Bills of lading may be made out “to order”. Weight/measurement details must be stated in imperial and metric units.

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