Self-governing Dominion of the Commonwealth. One of the OECD countries.


Capital: Ottawa

Principal Ports

Halifax, Montreal, Quebec, St John’s, Toronto, Vancouver


37.6 million

International Country Code



English; French


Roman Catholic, United Church, Anglican, Other

Literacy Rate


Weights and Measures

Metric system

Electricity Supply

120V, 60Hz

International Direct Dialling Code

00 1


Eastern Standard Time: 5 hours behind GMT.

Public Holidays

DateHoliday NameObservance
01 Jan 2019New Year's Day
02 Jan 2019Bank Holiday (QC)
18 Feb 2019Family Day (AB NB ON SK)
18 Feb 2019Family Day (BC)
18 Feb 2019Heritage Day (NS) (Honouring Maud Lewis)
18 Feb 2019Islander Day (PE)
18 Feb 2019Louis Riel Day (MB)
19 Apr 2019Good Friday (optional in QC)Easter
22 Apr 2019Easter Monday (AB QC) (optional)Easter
20 May 2019Victoria Day (not statutory in NB NL NS PE)
21 Jun 2019National Aboriginal Day (NT YT)
24 Jun 2019Discovery Day (NL) (optional)
24 Jun 2019Saint Jean Baptiste (QC)
01 Jul 2019Canada Day
09 Jul 2019Nunavut Day (NU)
05 Aug 2019Civic Holiday (widely observed but statutory only in BC NB NU NT SK)
19 Aug 2019Discovery Day (YT)
02 Sep 2019Labour Day
14 Oct 2019Thanksgiving Day
11 Nov 2019Remembrance Day (not statutory in MB NS ON QC)
25 Dec 2019Christmas Day
26 Dec 2019Boxing Day (statutory only in NB ON)
01 Jan 2020New Year's Day
02 Jan 2020Bank Holiday (QC)
17 Feb 2020Family Day (AB BC NB ON SK)
17 Feb 2020Heritage Day (NS) (Honouring Africville)
17 Feb 2020Islander Day (PE)
17 Feb 2020Louis Riel Day (MB)
10 Apr 2020Good Friday (optional in QC)Easter
13 Apr 2020Easter Monday (AB QC) (optional)Easter
18 May 2020Victoria Day (not statutory in NB NL NS PE)
21 Jun 2020National Aboriginal Day (NT YT)
22 Jun 2020Discovery Day (NL) (optional)
24 Jun 2020Saint Jean Baptiste (QC)
01 Jul 2020Canada Day
09 Jul 2020Nunavut Day (NU)
03 Aug 2020Civic Holiday (widely observed but statutory only in BC NB NU NT SK)
17 Aug 2020Discovery Day (YT)
07 Sep 2020Labour Day
12 Oct 2020Thanksgiving Day
11 Nov 2020Remembrance Day (not statutory in MB NS ON QC)
25 Dec 2020Christmas Day
26 Dec 2020Boxing Day (statutory only in NB ON)


Canada’s economy continues to grow and now ranks 10th in the world. Its gross domestic product increased by 3% in 2017 and is predicted to grow by 1.4% in 2019.

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